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franchise accounting software
Franchise Accounting Software

eProphet Accounting Package is the successor for our DOS-based accounting systems and a partner to the eProphet Store system.

Whereas the eProphet Store system is focused on assisting managers in performing individual store-based tasks such as cash reconciliation, inventory management, labour costing and roster preparation - eProphet Accounting is focused on higher level enterprise/business functions such as payroll, general ledger, accounts payable, bank reconciliation, making it an ideal QSR business solution.

Our new internet based cloud accounts payable is the same eProphet Accounts Payable software system but in the cloud.

Cloud accounts payable allows your accounts payable to be completely accessible from any laptop using an internet connection anywhere in the world.


For those who may not want to manage their own accounts payable,
please consider our bookkeeping service

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