QSR Management Software System Requirements

Franchise Management Software windows version requirements

Windows 10 Professional

The eProphet software is designed to operate on a PC running Windows 10 Professional.

Franchise Management Software hardware Requirements

Hardware Requirements

eProphet will run on a windows PC that can handle the latest Windows 10 Professional operating system.

Franchise Management Software communication access

Communications Access

Having the fastest broadband internet connection like ADSL2 or NBN available for your business is preferreble. An high speed broadband internet connection allows certain aspects of the software to function (such as payroll award updates and store data transfers) and also for Abcom Technical Support to be able to remotely connect to your PC to help troubleshoot any incidents.

Franchise Management Software interface

Franchise Software Store Interface

Abcom's eProphet franchise management sioftware integrates with eProphet and eBOS store back office systems. Integration to 3rd party systems is by means of custom-developed interface and should be discussed with Abcom for an assessment of compatibility. As an example: One of our latest code bridges has been for Abcom Invitbox Connect which now provides an electronic data entry service for your electronic invoices.

Franchise Management Software networking

Multiple PC Networks

eProphet Franchise Payroll software is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows networking and multiple user administration setups

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Abcom Support

Remote Support
It is recommended that you use Microsoft Internet Explorer to launch remote support.