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QSR Payroll software is a comprehensive, robust, feature-rich QSR payroll software solution tailor-made for the quick service restaurant (QSR) franchise industry. Which we believe is the best QSR payroll software in the market.

Developed using Microsoft technology and built on standards proven through over 20 years of field operation of our legacy QSR payroll performance software, eProphet QSR Payroll allows you to easily process your employee pay whilst adhering to the complex landscape of payroll calculations, payroll tax laws, pay deductions and payroll regulations according the ATO single touch payroll stringent requirements.

QSR Payroll Software is easily configured to any rate of pay, for example but not limited to: rate of pay NSW, rate of pay QLD, rate of pay VIC, rate of pay SA, rate of pay WA, rate of pay TAS, rate of pay ACT or rate of pay NT.

QSR Payroll Software automatically generates the pay slips into a PDF format then delivers the pay slips to your staff via email.

The take home pay calculator allows you to quickly answer any questions from staff regarding their pay in the payroll work center.

QSR Payroll Software is a internet based cloud QSR payroll, it's the same as the well known eProphet QSR Payroll software system but in the cloud. QSR Payroll Software allows your QSR payroll to be completely accessible from any laptop using wifi or a direct internet connection anywhere in the world.

Outstanding Audit Results

FFIA compliance, implementation and system functionality/automation - February 2021

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Abcom’s system was audited for FFIA compliance.

The audit was designed to test our system across a range of complex payroll scenarios.

McDonald’s had this audit completed by an external expert legal firm.

We are pleased to report that Abcom’s system received a 100% result for all the scenarios tested”

McDonalds Employee Relations - McDonald's Australia

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