Quick Start Franchise Restaurant Software Package

Franchise STP - Scheduling, Time & Attendance, Payroll package

Quick Start Franchise Restaurant Software Package deal

Franchise STP is a lite version of the Abcom eProphet franchise management software system.

Designed for small to medium franchises such as Retail, Café’s, Resorts, Health Clubs, Motels, Hotels & Pubs where labour costs require a moderate to high level of management, planning and control.

All-Inclusive ERP

Software as a Service

Comprehensive Payroll

Powerful Scheduling

The Quick Start Franchise Restaurant Software Package is an Enterprise Resource Planning solution comprised of our powerful Scheduling, Payroll and Time Attendance (Labour and LabourGuard) applications.

It’s small footprint and concise design has been developed for the needs of small to medium Franchsies Quick Service Restaurant / Retail Franchise operations that want to manage their work force more efficiently, reduce labour costs and meet legal payroll requirements.

The Quick Start Franchise Restaurant Software Package is an SAAS based (Software as a Service) product without the complex contract lock in period and expensive up-front licensing fees.

SAAS enables any franchise operation, regardless of size or budget to immediately benefit from the franchise industry proven power of the eProphet Franchise STP system.

The Quick Start Franchise Restaurant Software Package begins with the powerful eProphet Franchise Payroll software tailored to accommodate your current payroll award or workplace agreements.

All you have to do is enter your employees and start running a comprehensive franchise payroll in less than 20 minutes. If you have a large number of casual employees with varying shifts spread across the working day the payroll system will recognise and accommodate all shift loadings and penalties.

Most importantly, the system automatically updates once an employee has a birthday and moves to a higher rate of pay.

eProphet Franchise Scheduling software is populated by employee information and pay rates imported from your franchise payroll system.

You can create schedules quickly in a powerful, easy-to-use screen that instantly calculates the precise cost of each shift.

Shifts can be adjusted and moved to suit the needs of the trading day and rules and preferences are applied when selecting suitable employees for each shift.

Conflicts in skill levels and availability are visible on screen ensuring you select the right person for the right task.

When teamed with the inbuilt sales projections wizard, accurate projected payroll costs for the scheduling period are right at your finger tips during schedule creation.

Accurate Time Tracking

Connect to the Cloud

Intuitive User Workflow

Robust Technology

The eProphet Franchise timeclock is a wall mounted tablet PC with an intelligent time attendance system using your franchise payroll rules along with daily updates of employees.

Rules can be applied at the clock to minimise the opportunity of creating overtime or an award breach.

Even by simply ensuring that a 30 minute meal break is exactly 30 min and 29, a potential breach and associated penalty costs are avoided.

Scheduled shifts can also be exported to the timeclock to ensure staff cannot clock in early unless a supervisor authorises it.

The Quick Start Franchise Restaurant Software Package utilises Abcom Cloud Services to further extend its capabilities.

Progressive weekly costs and other key performance indicators can be collected on a daily basis and emailed to stake holders in a daily broadcast, shift details can be emailed to staff upon schedule completion,

SMS alerts can broadcast from within scheduling to seek suitable replacements in the event of absenteeism and off-site backups of your critical store data are all key features of eProphet Franchise STP cloud integration.

Core functions are always mapped into user guided workflows that help you perform tasks correctly and completely. Simple interfaces allow you to get results from the system quickly and easily.

All eProphet software systems are built using the highly acclaimed Microsoft® .NET® framework, ensuring that Abcom franchise software products use the best technology and tools available in the market.

With packages starting from as low as $50.00 (ex GST) per week excluding timeclock rental or $75.00 (ex GST) per week including timeclock rental, eProphet SPT is the most affordable and smartest way to improve your business operation and reduce your costs.

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