franchise management software


The eProphet.NET Backoffice System (BOS) is the most powerful, flexible and affordable back-of-house management system available to QSR franchises. Built on a foundation of over 30 years experience in the quick service restaurant industry, eProphet.NET franchise management software provides the systems to manage stores with ease, efficiency and effectiveness.

franchise timeclock


The Abcom LabourGuard intelligent timeclock is no ordinary timeclock. It incorporates the power of our payroll calculation engine rules to block clocking infringements that would result in unnecessary overtime penalty payments. Fraudulent clocking scenarios are just one less thing to worry about with the LabourGuard timeclock in place.

franchise payroll software


Calculating payroll for a complex QSR operation, week in week out, need not be difficult nor time consuming. The Abcom eProphet Payroll system processes payroll accurately and easily, meeting all your legal payroll requirements. Employee payment is an absolutely critical business task and eProphet Payroll is more than up to the task.

franchise accounting software


Unlike generic, off-the-shelf accounting packages, the eProphet Accounts system is designed exclusively for the QSR business model. Put simply, it has all the features you need and none of the features you don't, to run your business.

franchise electronic data collection software system


With the Abcom EDC (Electronic Data Collection) system, Abcom systems can be connected to one another via the cloud, enabling real time KPI gathering and timely data sharing across platform and business concerns. In a connected world, your QSR business solution can run exactly how and where you want it to.

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franchise management software


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