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Franchise Management Software back office System SolutionFranchise Management Back-Office Software Overview

The eProphet.NET back-office solution is a collection of powerful software modules that exchange data between them. Repetitive data entry tasks common in other competing systems are virtually eliminated by this shared data approach. This modular approach also allows eProphet.NET to be largely customised to the needs of the business model.

The eProphet.NET system is highly adjustable, scalable and includes all the tools you need to control and manage a successful quick service operation.

Franchise Management Software System Overview

Franchise Management Software Central System Franchise Management Software Central System
eProphet.NET's Central system is the primary data warehouse that integrates the various modules of the eProphet.NET system. Central is designed to remove the duplication of shared data and contains many of the day-to-day functions such as store open and close checklists, manager’s diary and calendar, internal staff memo system, projected sales forecasting, day-part sales reporting and a comprehensive sales ledger.

Franchise Cash Control Software Franchise Cash Control System
The eProphet.NET Cash Control system provides a simple to use set of procedures and tools to automatically download sales transaction data from the POS and allow cash counted to be easily balanced against the expected deposits. Deposit pickup recording, employee cash handling and safe/float amount control are all easily tracked and reported through the Cash system.

Franchise Inventory Software Inventory Management System

The eProphet.NET Inventory Management System provides inventory management tools necessary to maintain and control all stock movements in your restaurant.

The eProphet inventory management system enables you to accurately manage the diversified menu and supply needs of your store for analysis, providing a business tool designed to optimise the utilisation and cost of inventory.

The eProphet.NET Inventory Management Software comprehensive list of management tools includes an advanced inventory usage projection system that eliminates the need for guesswork when ordering from your suppliers.

Franchise Daily Labour System Franchise Daily Labour System
The eProphet.NET Daily Labour system, when teamed with Abcom's LabourGuard intelligent time-clock performs automatic entry of employee shift clockings directly into eProphet.NET. These clockings are then reviewed for exceptions and reported on to show current store labour levels and costs throughout the day. When the payroll period is complete, eProphet.NET Daily Labour connects to the Abcom Payroll administration software for highly automated payroll processing.

Franchise Employee Scheduling System Franchise Employee Scheduling System
The eProphet.NET Employee Scheduling system provides facilities to create and manage the day-to-day rostering of your employees. It enables you to employ a highly configurable Schedule automation process to produce detailed Schedule plans quickly and easily, and when combined with eProphet.NET's advanced projections system, Employee Scheduling ensures you always have the right person, in the right place, at the right time - no guesswork needed.

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