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Franchise Management Software Key Features

Franchise Software Built with Microsoft Technology Built with Microsoft Technology

eProphet.NET is a suite of applications developed and designed with Microsoft® software to industry standards. Utilising Visual Basic™, ASP™ and .NET™ Framework technologies, the Microsoft® development environment contains a huge toolkit of advanced components. We have utilised this toolkit to equip eProphet.NET with a powerful array of easy to use facilities. eProphet.NET will operate in both 32BIT and 64BIT applications.

eProphet.NET is not 'just another Windows™ program' - adherence to strict Windows™ development guidelines ensures that the eProphet.NET back-office system has a long, productive life span, which in turn represents a low risk, long term, quality software investment for your business.

Franchise Management Software Features

Franchise Software Streamlined Entry Processes Streamlined Entry Processes

eProphet.NET automatically downloads 95% of operational data through electronic connections with your POS, time clock and the internet. User data entry is primarily required as a data confirmation and validate step. To streamline these daily data entry operations, eProphet.NET incorporates sophisticated user-centred data entry processes. Data is entered in a logical order to the user (not the computer), which means managers spend less time behind the computer and more time on the floor running the store.

Franchise Management Software business reporting Business Reporting

eProphet.NET generates comprehensive, uniform reports at the click of a mouse. In addition to standard daily reports printed to provide a paper trail of day-to-day operations, users can print a myriad of succinct analysis reports to aid in-store decision making processes. A sample range of eProphet.NET reports is listed below.

All reports can be printed to any Windows compatible printer. Furthermore, to save on paper costs, if you simply wish to view a report out of interest - you can do so on the monitor before electing to print. All reports are time/date stamped to permit easy file keeping.

Franchise Management Software Context Sensitive Help Context Sensitive Help

eProphet.NET has a fully integrated Windows™ help system which can be accessed from anywhere within the program. The help system provides program assistance to everyday usage and is an excellent quick 'refresher' utility for store managers.

Help system activation is easy and area context sensitive - meaning that the help information that is displayed first to you is the most relevant to where you are in the program at that moment. Each help document also contains links to other relevant documents and related 'How To' instructional documents.

Franchise Management Software Web Communications Web Communications

eProphet.NET is fully Web Enabled and is capable of downloading information and data via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Internet. This special type of connection is used in a number of ways throughout the eProphet.NET system:

Franchise Management Software User Ordered Data Listing User Ordered Data Listing

eProphet.NET provides advanced data listing facilities and control. Data lists on screen can be ordered by a particular column to help you locate critical information quickly and precisely. Single items in a list can be found instantly by using our new character-sensitive access mode.

Franchise Management Software System Security System Security

eProphet.NET operates within a user/password secure environment. This ensures that only authorised users may access the system. Furthermore, user codes are attached to system changes and actions so that accountability can be determined if problems should arise.

Franchise Management Software Timeclock Communications Timeclock Communications

eProphet.NET is fully equipped to download labour clockings from a digital time clock (as opposed to keyboard entry). Although the Abcom LabourGuard time clock is recommended for this task, eProphet.NET may also download clockings from other time clocks where such an interface is available and feasible.

Franchise Management Software POS Communications POS Communications

eProphet.NET supports comprehensive data transfer from common computerised register systems such as PAR, Panasonic and NewPos. The system extracts product usage figures and sales data periodically from the registers and processes that data into logical formats for analysis and storage.

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