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Linfox Armaguard

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We have discovered the Linfox Armaguard has a unique way of rounding the GST component on their invoices.   This is not a bug in invitbox and only affects Linfox Armaguard.

When searching for a suitable map for Linfox Armaguard please use mapping reference:

01-22592 Service Linfox Armaguard,

Do not use:
01-42 Service Armaguard

Map 01-42 will not balance with the Linfox Armaguard invoice, this is not a bug within invitbox but the unique way this supplier rounds the GST component.   We have created the new map to accommodate this uniqueness.


If you have Linfox Armaguard Invoices in your inbox and out of balance in the side tab window, simply send them back to me remapped by highlighting the invoice in the inbox, then clicking the grey more tab (middle of screen and then the Re-Map Invoice line.)  

This sends the invoice back to unknowns tab, simply search for the new map using the map number 01-22592 reference and apply new map.

For support call Abcom 07 5530 7806  Mon-Fri 8.30-4.30pm

For a brief tutorial video on mapping invoices click on this link


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