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Coffee Club Case Study

Franchise Case Study : The Coffee Club, Australia

See just how the simple installation of an Abcom ERP solution has saved Coffee Club franchisees thousands of dollars in labor management and costs.

The Coffee Club Challenge

From a single store, which opened in November 1989 at Brisbane's Eagle Street Pier, to more than 230 outlets throughout Australia and another 35 in New Zealand, 6 in Thailand, 1 in New Caledonia, 1 in China and 1 in Egypt, The Coffee Club has established itself as an iconic household name and preferred venue for millions of coffee drinkers throughout the Asia Pacific region.

As with any fast growing chains, each Coffee Club site has experienced the need to employ more staff to deal with the increase in transaction counts. With more staff comes more management overhead; ensuring employees clock on and off at the correct times and increased record keeping duties for payroll processing. In a busy cafe environment these tasks need to be as efficient as possible and Coffee Club franchisees wanted to automate manual labor processing tasks and reduce cost overhead. 

The Abcom Solution

Abcom immediately related to the Coffee Club franchisees requirements, identifying and communicating the clear benefits for deploying Abcom LaborGuard timeclock technology. LaborGuard timeclocks are internet capable and at the end of each payroll period transmit all employee clockings to Abcom's secure server where the payroll administrator can then securely retrieve employee clocking activity for the previous week without leaving the office and without needing to contact of the store. Coffee Club sites accepted the proposal and the system was installed, configured and operational within a week with support provided as part of the license cost - an important aspect of the pricing structure. 

After review, a second stage was agreed to that would see additional deployment of Abcom's eProphet Scheduling and eProphet Labor modules to further enhance QSR HR operations. With the integration of these additional systems, the LaborGuard timeclock's powerful overtime penalty prevention logic could be fully activated meaning employees can be blocked from clocking on or off outside of their assigned shift or at times that will trigger penalty payment rates. The timeclock will inform the employee when they can clock on or to seek manager authorisation in such scenarios. This powerful aspect alone is already saving thousands of dollars per year in easily avoidable and costly overpayments.

At each project stage, training was provided to smooth the learning curve regardless of staff technology experience. The implementation is an excellent case study for cafes and similar small site chains that want to deploy a light footprint HR technology solution to expedite weekly labor processing and maintain HR efficiency in a competitive marketplace.

"Coffee Club Nepean River have been using Abcom eProphet Scheduling, Labor and LaborGuard timeclock restaurant systems since July 2011. I have been thoroughly impressed with the personal service our team have received from Abcom. Abcom always respond quickly to our training and support needs. I would highly recommend Abcom and eProphet franchise software systems."
JEREMY HORNE, The Coffee Club Nepean River, NSW, Australia

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