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Abcom has been developing highly specialised software solutions to the quick service hospitality and retail industry for over 20 years. During that time we have built up a formidable pool of experience in analysing the needs and creating simple IT solutions to complex business problems.

Fee for Service

Since 2001 Abcom has opened up its development department services and expertise to other private business software projects with great success.

We have provided invaluable consultancy to numerous organisations on how to improve their IT processes and achieve greater return on investment.

In the last 5 years Abcom has formalised its development process to the Microsoft Solutions Framework methodology. This is a framework for ensuring software development is managed and assessed according to industry best practices and benchmarks to deliver real business value.

Many of our customers believe the structured approach we have brought to new and existing projects has given them confidence that deliverables will be met and IT investment is a positive one rather than an endless financial black hole.

Our customers have varied from international franchises to small individual businesses. No matter what the scale, no matter what the business case, our objective remains the same - to do all we can to deliver powerful and cost-effective IT solutions.

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Abcom specializes in (but is not limited to):
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